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August 19, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Today was an exciting and fun day!!   I got up early today to bring Ellen to the school so that she could get fitted in her band uniforms.  Then we waited around for Jasmine to show up.  We all went to watch the rookies…. It doesn’t seem like there were very many of them.  At least, not compared to past years.  It was nice seeing all the section leaders and such.  I will definitely have to try and visit the rest of the people before school starts.  Apparently, little Lucas has grown quite a bit.   Anyways, today just made me want VCU to have a marching band and football team even more.  I really do enjoy the activity, even though it’s a pain at times. At least I’m in the band.  A welcoming group of people, I’m hoping….

Then after visiting the marching band, Jasmine, Ellen, and I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch before the laser tag.  We finished lunch really early and basically just waited around for people to show up.  Mary, Annie, Annie’s sister, Daniel (Jasmine’s brother), and Daniel’s friend showed up.  It was FUN!!   We played two games.. The first game we had four other people playing with us, and that was a basic team vs. team game.  Then the sescond game was just us, and we did a sort of capture the flag type of game.  It was really hot, but the place was really good.  Definitely going to go back there sometime…

Well, Mom called my roommate; forcing me to talk to her. She isn’t very talkative, I did most of the talking.  But she seems nice enough.  I can’t wait to get the school year started,  I guess.  I’ve got mixed feelings about it; since I really don’t know what to expect.

To those of you who have already moved in (JMU, VT, W&M): Good luck, have a great year, and be sure to stay in touch.  We’ve got to get together for homecoming and the JMU Marching Competition for WHS.


Now off to WAL-MART…….



1. Anonymous - August 19, 2004

hey grace! laser tag was really fun today! thanks for inviting me. i hope that we can do it again sometime! Good luck @ VCU! keep in touch ok? Take care!

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