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Blog Introduction

January 27, 2010 – “A Sleepless Night…”

So recently I’ve been wanting to start a new blog.  I’ve had blogs in the past on LiveJournal, Xanga, and most recently Vox.  In fact, right before starting this WordPress I was just on my Xanga venting my recent thoughts on life, particularly my current relationship.

Anyways, since I am having some trouble sleeping I decided to check out my sister’s blog (http://ellenl.tumblr.com).  My sister was always the “artsy” one; she was always writing, but looking over her blog kind of surprised me.  I guess I had forgotten about that side of my sister.

Reading through her posts got me thinking about what direction to take this blog.  My most recent blog (http://gracious.vox.com) was originally intended to be a spot for me to track the different beauty products  that I was trying since I recently got interested in make-up, and was also compelled to share my experiences dealing with eczema (you can read more of the details there).  However, I’m starting to find that beauty products are not enough to sustain my blogging, also I haven’t been completely satisfied with my Vox blog (I guess you might say I did not really give it a chance).

Regardless, that brings me to what I have decided for this blog.  In my Xanga entry I wrote about many of the secrets that I have in my life; well, like my title says this blog is “Not so secret”.  I am going to attempt to combine my recent interest in beauty/makeup with my other interests, such as food (like my sister), movies, traveling,  and other not so secret aspects of my life.  In a way this is my way of opening up, since having too many secrets starts to weigh you down.

All I ask is that you bear with me as I find my way through this blog.  Who knows, maybe some of my secrets will find their way into the not so secret part of my life…



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