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Getting married in the Catholic Church June 9, 2016

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Last May I got engaged and started looking into getting married in the Catholic church. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of specific information regarding this process. So I’ve decided it would be helpful to divulge my experience with the process.

Most sites merely said go speak with the priest at your parish. Personally, the churches I have been a part of always had several priests assigned to them. Better advice for starting the process would be to make a visit to your parish’s office. At the church we are getting married at here in Las Vegas there was actually a whole checklist of items we needed prior to even meeting with the priests for the first time. Also, be sure to start the process as soon as possible; the process to prepare for marriage in the Catholic church can take a minimum of 6 months!
The initial list of items needed included:
– Baptism certificates issued within the past 6 months – this was obtained from the church we were each baptized at
– 2 Affidavits each for Freedom to Marry – this was a form that basically declared that neither of us were currently married and that there was nothing to prohibit our marriage to each other which was supposed to be completed by 2 different individuals who know you well i.e. your parents

After gathering our paperwork we met with the priest in charge of marriage preparations for the church. During this meeting we filled out standard paperwork, spoke with the priest in order to assess our ability to get married in the Catholic church, and picked our date. At the initial meeting the priest also gave us another checklist of classes we needed to attend and also a booklet from which we would be picking the various components of our wedding mass.  Our classes included a workshop with the wedding coordinator at the church to go over guidelines for wedding ceremonies, pre-cana class, and natural family planning.  For us the pre-cana class was only 1 day, but I have heard of other parishes requiring a course with several class days.

Now that our wedding is under 4 months away we had our second meeting with the priest to fill out a pre-marital inventory questionnaire (PMI). The PMI was basically a series of questions we each filled out individually that assessed our views of different statements.  Many of the statements related to various aspects of married life and relationships.  The priest told us that the priest celebrating our mass would go over the results with us and provided “counseling” in the months leading to the wedding.

All in all the process hasn’t been really strenuous,and I will post again as we get closer to the wedding!


Happy New Year! January 4, 2016

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After  a LONG break from blogging I decided to jump back on here, and a LOT has changed since I last wrote.  2015 was a year of change and new beginnings for me; namely getting engaged in May and moving cross country to Las Vegas at the end of September.  Perhaps the move and really getting started with wedding planning is what prompted me to potentially start back up with this 🙂

Time to check in! Life and getting fit! **UGH*** December 2, 2012

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Ugh!  So I had just finished typing out this whole update post reflecting on what I managed to accomplish since my last blog post, and it appeared as though it had posted but when I went onto the blog of see it the whole post was gone!  All that had posted was the title….

Rather than trying to re-type everything I’m just gonna try and sum it up:

  • Orientation period at work is finished
  • Started reading for pleasure – finished Fifty Shades Series, 3 books of Pretty Little Liars, working on The Happiness Project
  • Found time to transition summer clothes to fall/winter, and realized that I needed to get my butt in shape
  • Started getting serious about working out 1.5 months ago and have lost about 10 lbs!
  • Changed by diet to eliminate almost all processed food
  • Loving the iphone apps My Fitness Pal and Couch 2 5K; and work out videos by Jillian Michaels (No More Trouble Zones, Get Ripped in 30, Yoga Meltdown)
  • Had to take a break from running due to shin splints; aiming to revise workout – 3 days of cardio, 2 of strength

I’ve got more posts to come!

Happy New Year! January 2, 2011

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Happy New Year everyone!

I know I haven’t been posting in a while…. nursing school definitely picked up the pace this fall semester, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be letting up any this coming one :-/   In addition to my normal classes I also got accepted for a perioperative nursing externship! While I am definitely looking forward to this semester it’s going to be a very busy one!

In between school I do still have to maintain a life, and part of my goals for this years will be to save up more money and start getting back in shape.  Part of saving money will mean getting back on track with cooking my own food; definitely the best way to save money!  So I will do my best to post up my adventures with cooking and baking 😀  I am also going to try and calm down with buying make-up and beauty products, but I have managed to build up a nice collection that I need to rediscover; I also have a couple of product reviews that I need to catch up on.

Getting back in shape has been LONG overdo for myself! I tend to have cycles of working out and being lazy, but this past year or so has definitely been the longest lull that I’ve had.  I do have the P90x workout program, but I’m not sure if I’m going to start out with it since I don’t want to burn myself out.  Perhaps I will build up to them after some easy workouts at the gym 🙂

Well, hope everyone had  happy holidays and I am looking forward to the new year!

Posts coming up…. March 31, 2010

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Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Work, school, and life in general have just started to get very hectic lately. I do, however, have a couple of postings in the works…

Just hang in there 🙂

Finally caught a break…. March 3, 2010

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SOrry for the lack of updates lately… school and work have just taken over my life and left me less than inspired to do much of anything. My boyfriend and I realized that when we’re stressed and depressed we tend of eat out a LOT, as a result the workout plan I mentioned that we were going to be starting was put on the back-burner. During the past week or so we’ve eaten out at Europa, Cheesecake Factory, TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, Village Cafe, and Red Robin. When we didn’t eat out we turned to frozen pizzas.

To find out what suddenly pulled me out of slump, and for my food reviews… Keep Reading!

A sleepless night… January 27, 2010

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So recently I’ve been wanting to start a new blog.  I’ve had blogs in the past on LiveJournal, Xanga, and most recently Vox.  In fact, right before starting this WordPress I was just on my Xanga venting my recent thoughts on life, particularly my current relationship.

Anyways, since I am having some trouble sleeping I decided to check out my sister’s blog (http://ellenl.tumblr.com).  My sister was always the “artsy” one; she was always writing, but looking over her blog kind of surprised me.  I guess I had forgotten about that side of my sister.

Reading through her posts got me thinking about what direction to take this blog.  My most recent blog (http://gracious.vox.com) was originally intended to be a spot for me to track the different beauty products  that I was trying since I recently got interested in make-up, and was also compelled to share my experiences dealing with eczema (you can read more of the details there).  However, I’m starting to find that beauty products are not enough to sustain my blogging, also I haven’t been completely satisfied with my Vox blog (I guess you might say I did not really give it a chance).

Regardless, that brings me to what I have decided for this blog.  In my Xanga entry I wrote about many of the secrets that I have in my life; well, like my title says this blog is “Not so secret”.  I am going to attempt to combine my recent interest in beauty/makeup with my other interests, such as food (like my sister), movies, traveling,  and other not so secret aspects of my life.  In a way this is my way of opening up, since having too many secrets starts to weigh you down.

All I ask is that you bear with me as I find my way through this blog.  Who knows, maybe some of my secrets will find their way into the not so secret part of my life…

ELF Studio brush review January 7, 2010

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So about a month or so ago I got the ELF studio brush set and the kabuki brush (www.eyeslipsface.com), and I been using them pretty much everyday.


The set includes the following: Case, Eyeshadow "C" Brush, Complexion Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Smudge Brush, Fan Brush, Powder Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Small Precision Brush, Blush Brush and Contouring Brush.  It costs $30 + S&H, I had a coupon code so I got it half off.  The Kabuki brush cost $5.

I found that the face brushes and the kabuki do shed a little at first, but now I haven't noticed any shedding recently.  All the brushes are very soft.  The brushes I use the most are the eyeshadow brush (large eyeshadow brush great for applying color all over the lid), complexion brush (paddle shaped brush that I use to apply my bronzer and blush, contouring brush (reminds me of a large semi-fluffy pencil brush, it is perfect for applying eyeshadow to the crease), small angled brush (nice sized angle brush that I use to apply MAC fluidline), small smudge brush (nice for detail and applying color right to the lash line), and the kabuki (great for applying powder all over; very soft, semi- dense but not as much as the MAC 182).
So that leaves the fan brush, powder brush, small precision brush, concealer brush, angled foundation brush, and blush brush…
The powder brush is the flat top brush – I use this to apply my MSF all over the face, but personally I like using the kabuki brush.  This brush is quite dense, and for everyday I like a lighter dusting of my powder which is achieved with the kabuki.  If I were using just the powder on my face then I would reach for this brush.
The blush brush is basically a smaller version of the complexion brush.  It's great if you want to be precise with your color placement, and perfect for contouring.  Dense but fluffy brush.
The small precision brush is very similar to the smudge brush.  It's slightly larger and not quite as firm.  Honestly, I have not tried using this brush yet since I love using the smudge brush.  I figure they have pretty similar use.
The fan brush it good quality, no shedding.  But for me I just have not found much of a use for it, perhaps I', just not sure what to use it for.
The concealer brush is a nicer shape and size compared to the Sonia Kashuk brush I got originally (and ended up returning).  However, I have not used it very much.  I like using my fingers to apply and blend my concealer, but I am trying to start using this brush for my undereye (since I've learned that it's better to use a brush for the delicate area).  I figure due to the shape, which is similar to the eyeshadow shader brush this may be a useful brush to apply MAC paints and paint pots.  But like my concealer, I prefer using my fingers.
The angled foundation brush is a nice firm but soft foundation brush.  I do have the Studio Tools Foundation brush, but I am just recently starting to apply my foundation using brushes.  With the angled brush I found a tendency for a streaky appearance.  Compared to my normal foundation brush I felt like this brush made application easier, esp around the nose and eyes; but it took a little more time to blend away streaks.

Overall I like this set of brushes, it's a great deal and nice quality brushes to start with.

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Outlets and malls in Florida! December 30, 2009

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So today was definitely a shopping day for us… went to Premium Outlets, Orlando Prime Outlets, and Mall at Milenia.  We went to Florida Mall when we got here on Sunday.  Mall at Milenia wasn't all that great, was expecting much more (it  reminded me of tyson's, but not as big).

Trip to the outlets isn't complete without a stop at the CCO.  Both of the outlets had them too.  Prime Outlets didn't have too much at their CCO, but Premium Outlets was awesome!  I got lucky and picked up 2 more brushes; 188 and 219!!  Also got the sister the Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner in Popster 🙂

Also picked up a nice pair of Nike's and the eagle belt buckle that the boyfriend had been search all over for!


Next to days will be disney days for us :D 

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Early Christmas!! December 24, 2009

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OMG!!! My sister's Christmas gift to me arrived early!!!  My Coastal Scents palettes arrived today (we ordered them on Sunday, with normal FedEx ground shipping)!
Sooo excited!!! I've been waiting for eyeshadows to complete my new makeup set 😀
I'll post pictures later – I'm too lazy to upload from my camera (I've got a bunch of pictures to add to here)

My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts early too.  Right before Thanksgiving he got me a new TV for my room (Samsung 32" LCD TV).  I told him that was enough but he went ahead and surprised me with a beautiful diamond ring and sapphire necklace (will definitely post pictures)!

I was also surprised today with little bonuses from both of the offices that I work at!
Hopefully the rest of the holidays will go just as well 🙂

BTW: packing for Florida was tougher than I thought it was going to be…. I hope we end up doing Disney for New Years! I haven't been in FOREVER and I'm actually looking forward to it.  I guess it's a way to revisit my childhood 😛

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