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Alaska Cruise 2016 – Packing June 21, 2016

Posted by graciegrapes in Travel.

My family has been very fortunate to have traveled on a number of cruise.  This June, however, we are going to be going on our first trip to Alaska on a cruise.  This is a completely different cruise for us; obviously due to the weather/surroundings.  Unlike the sunny beaches we’ve become accustomed to, we are preparing for cool weather, rain and beautiful scenery.  My sister and I had been scouring for tips on Alaskan excursions and packing necessities.  Definitely one of the most challenging trips to pack for, especially since we have become soo used to the warm weather here in Vegas!

On this cruise with NCL we will be doing the “Inside Passage” on the Jewel, which leaves from Seattle and goes to Ketchikan, Juneau->Sawyer Glacier, Skagway, and Victoria BC respectively to return to Seattle.  In our searches the overwhelming tip for packing has been LAYERS!  After stalking the 10 day forecast the weather in Alaska is extremely variable.  Right now we are looking at highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s and 50s, and RAIN!  I think we’ve narrowed down a pretty solid packing list to prepare us for both warm and cold weather.  I will update how this plan pans after we return.

This all fits in my carry on roller bag and personal bag… no check in for us 😛

  • 3 pairs of jeans (1 to wear on plane, 2 to pack)
  • 1 pair of yoga leggings
  • 1 pair of khaki shorts
  • 3 tank tops to layer
  • 3 v-neck t-shirts
  • 2 sleeved shirts (1 3/4 sleeve, 1 long sleeve)
  • 2 lightweight sweaters
  • 1 button up flannel
  • 1 lightweight cardigan (wear on plane)
  • 4 dresses (1 cotton maxi, 2 cotton knee length, 1 cocktail for dressy night) *we have 4 nights planned in the specialty dining restaurants*
  • 1 pull-over running hoodie
  • 1 zip-up running hoodie
  • 1 Patagonia zip-up fleece
  • 1 North Face Venture Jacket *waterproof layer
  • Workout clothes (2 running shirts, 2 running shorts)
  • T-shirt and Shorts for sleeping
  • 1 pair of running shoes (wear on plane)
  • 1 pair waterproof hiking shoes
  • 1 pair of low wedges for dress up
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 swim suit
  • undergarments and socks
  • 1 lightweight scarf, gloves, hat


****POST CRUISE UPDATE 7/8/2016****During our cruise we experience AMAZING weather! Much to our surprise, and the delight of the everyone we encountered in port, we had no rain, all sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s the whole time.  The dreariest weather was experienced in Victoria, BC and that was only during the latter part of the day.

The following items from my packing list went unused:

  • Workout clothes – Partly I was being optimistic, but I also felt like I was fighting off a cold during the cruise and didn’t want to stress my body out more
  • Scarf and hat – Like I said we had very warm weather.  However, I did use the gloves especially on our whale watching tour! I stayed mostly on the outside deck of the ship for the whale watching tour and it was a bit chilly out on the water.  Probably could have benefited from having the hat or scarf, but I toughed it out.
  • Khaki Shorts – while we experienced warm weather it was not warm enough to be wearing shorts, in my opinion.
  • Cotton Maxi dress – didn’t feel like changing for dinner one night, and my day outfit was fine for the restaurant we went to
  • Swim Suit – we did experience warm weather, and did see others using the pool and hot tubs. Personally, it was too cold for my liking.  More often we saw people lounging around on the pool decks in regular clothes to soak up some sun rather than in their swim suits.

NCL is very lenient when it comes to dress code in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants.  If I recall correctly, only one of the main dinings rooms (Tsar’s Palace) and Le Bistro required required more formal attire.  By formal attire I mean no flip flops or shorts.


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