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Getting married in the Catholic Church June 9, 2016

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Last May I got engaged and started looking into getting married in the Catholic church. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of specific information regarding this process. So I’ve decided it would be helpful to divulge my experience with the process.

Most sites merely said go speak with the priest at your parish. Personally, the churches I have been a part of always had several priests assigned to them. Better advice for starting the process would be to make a visit to your parish’s office. At the church we are getting married at here in Las Vegas there was actually a whole checklist of items we needed prior to even meeting with the priests for the first time. Also, be sure to start the process as soon as possible; the process to prepare for marriage in the Catholic church can take a minimum of 6 months!
The initial list of items needed included:
– Baptism certificates issued within the past 6 months – this was obtained from the church we were each baptized at
– 2 Affidavits each for Freedom to Marry – this was a form that basically declared that neither of us were currently married and that there was nothing to prohibit our marriage to each other which was supposed to be completed by 2 different individuals who know you well i.e. your parents

After gathering our paperwork we met with the priest in charge of marriage preparations for the church. During this meeting we filled out standard paperwork, spoke with the priest in order to assess our ability to get married in the Catholic church, and picked our date. At the initial meeting the priest also gave us another checklist of classes we needed to attend and also a booklet from which we would be picking the various components of our wedding mass.  Our classes included a workshop with the wedding coordinator at the church to go over guidelines for wedding ceremonies, pre-cana class, and natural family planning.  For us the pre-cana class was only 1 day, but I have heard of other parishes requiring a course with several class days.

Now that our wedding is under 4 months away we had our second meeting with the priest to fill out a pre-marital inventory questionnaire (PMI). The PMI was basically a series of questions we each filled out individually that assessed our views of different statements.  Many of the statements related to various aspects of married life and relationships.  The priest told us that the priest celebrating our mass would go over the results with us and provided “counseling” in the months leading to the wedding.

All in all the process hasn’t been really strenuous,and I will post again as we get closer to the wedding!



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