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Weight Loss Update and a New Program! June 21, 2013

Posted by graciegrapes in Food, Health and Fitness.

Since I started working out and watching what I eat the end of last year I have lost about 20lbs.  However, I seem to have hit a plateau and while I am not gaining weight I am not losing weight as a would like.  Even in the past I have never been able to get myself below 150lbs, which for 5’4″ is borderline healthy/overweight.  On the bright side my blood pressure has normalized!

So earlier this week my cousins presented me with this new program, Yoli.  I had commented on a facebook picture they posted a month or so ago, and they had been trying to get me to attend a presentation since.  I was very skeptical coming into the presentation; it seemed too good to be true, 7-15lbs weight loss in 1 week without an exercise requirement, but I am also very hesitant when it comes to supplements and pills.  On top of that, growing up my dad had tried out similar independent business opportunities (Noni, Xango, Youngevity) all to no avail, and Erwin was also involved in Quixtar (now Amway Global) when we first met.  After the presentation I still had some skepticism, despite the first hand success that several of my cousins experienced; but figured that since Erwin wanted to try it too it wouldn’t hurt to start with their “Party Pack” Package with the Transformation Kits.  I figured if it didn’t work out then we could always cancel.

We are on day 3, and I have to say that my doubts are fading already!  I don’t want to talk about results quite yet, but it seems to be working.
I think the biggest surprise to me was how satisfied we feel with the food; reading the plan I thought that eating would be seriously restricted, leaving us hungry and counting down to the next meal/snack time.  Quite the opposite though, we aren’t hungry at all, even with all my running around the OR!  Of course, you may feel restricted if you’re used to a lot of processed foods and take out, but really you shouldn’t be eating that sort of stuff in the first place – especially if you’re trying to get healthy and/or lose weight!

As the system says it’s resetting and turning your body into a “fat burning machine,” and I’m optimistic that this will help me get over my weight loss plateau!

I will be sure to update with results down the road – good or bad.


If you’re curious about the system you can get in touch with me or check it out HERE under Products -> Better Body system



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