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China Glaze: Crackle Glaze February 18, 2011

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty.

So right now I am supposed to be working on my psych clinical assignments, but my new polishes are just too tempting 😛

Last week I pre-ordered China Glaze’s new collection “Crackle Glaze”.  This collection consists of 6 polishes that create a crackled or shattered effected when placed over a base color.  OPI recently release their Katy Perry collection featuring Black Shatter, which is the same thing.  China Glaze however took this trend a step further by offering colors other than black!

(left to right) Broken Hearted, Lightning Bolt, Black Mesh, Fault Line, Crushed Candy

I picked up all except for the gray color, since it just didn’t appeal to me.  And I got the black to give to my sister since OPI’s Black Shatter is sold out pretty much everywhere and I prefer not to share mine.

Directions included with the polishes state:

1. Apply a base nail lacquer color and let completely dry.
2. Apply a coat of Crackle Glaze. Let dry 3-5 minutes.
3. Seal the design with a top coat.

I applied a clear coat prior to applying the crackle glaze; due to my previous experience with OPI’s Black Shatter (click for my tips on use).

China Glaze "Broken Hearted" over OPI "The One That Got Away"

This polish was basically the same as Black Shatter but pink 🙂

Like with black shatter, the crackling effect is determined but how thickly it is applied.  Thin coat = smaller cracks; Thick coat = larger cracks.  I noticed that the skinnier brush of the China Glaze makes it more difficult to get a completely uniform coat, but that only if you want to get picky about it!

This polish also has a matte finish, so top coat is a must to really make it pop.

I think the main difference between OPI and China Glaze is that China Glaze took longer to crackle/dry.  You really need to give it the 3-5 minutes to get the full crackling effect of the polish.  However, while it take more time to get the full effect, you can’t dilly-dally around applying the crackle polish since still it starts to crackle rather quickly.

So far the pink polish is the only one I’ve tried, so I’m not sure if the results really differ between colors.  But from this first experience, I’d say that if you are having trouble finding the OPI Black Shatter then China Glaze’s Crackle Glazes are a perfect alternative!



1. Olivia - April 30, 2011

where can you get these at?

2. 11farmerme - June 5, 2011

Walgreens or at the mall.

-Future Professional of Cosmetology

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