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Current Obsession = Nailpolish April 22, 2010

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty.

When I was younger my sister and I loved painting our nails all sorts of colors. We had a pretty nice collection of Wet n Wild colors and glitters, along with a couple of other drugstore finds. However, when I reached middle school I started to constantly pick at my nail polish whenever I had it on. Whenever I saw a little chip I would proceed to peel off the rest of the color until there was nothing left. Since then I hadn’t really done my nails because it was just a waste.

Recently something has clicked and I’m suddenly driven to do my nails again. Perhaps it’s the fact that once I start nursing school I can’t really paint my nails crazy color, or that I’ve pretty much accumulated enough make up to last me for a while 😛 Either way, I’ve started back up with painting my nails. So far I’ve resisted the urge to pick at the color, but that isn’t my problem. My problem now is that I can’t seem to get the color to stay more than a day or two without it chipping! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a good base/top coat.  Any suggestions?

Steel Grey (Rimmel), Thunderbird and Re-fresh Mint (China Glaze), Pacific Blue (Sally Hanen)

Beginning of my new nailpolish collection 😛  

Currently my nails are Re-Fresh Mint and my toes are Pacific blue



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