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Too Sweet! April 16, 2010

Posted by graciegrapes in Food.

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Ever since Frostings opened in Short Pump last year I have been a loyal customer of their’s. The delicious cupcakes kept me coming back, and the long business hours made it easy to get my fix.  Wednesday morning the boyfriend and I were doing to errands before I had to goto work, and decided to try one of the other local cupcakeries. There are only 3 that I know of in the area: Frostings, Carytown Cupcakes, and Two Sweet.

For my cupcake experience…

The cupcakes had no chance of making it home!

One of my coworkers kept raving to me about Two Sweet, especially after she tried Frostings herself.  Since we were in the area we decided to go looking for it.  Two Sweet is located in a little shopping center located just down the road from Short Pump and Frostings, not too much traffic though unlike the Short Pump area.  When you walk into Two Sweet there is a noticeable difference from Frostings; Two Sweet has the atmosphere of a gourmet boutique.  The cupcakes are displayed individually on glass pedestals, and you place your order and the cupcakes are retrieved from the back and brought out in either a “fancy” box for multiple cakes or Chinese take-out box for individual cupcakes.  As far as price, about the same as frostings… just under $3.00 for one cupcake with discounts as you buy multiple.

Salted Caramel! YUMMY!!

Two Sweet’s cupcakes are larger than Frosting’s, and just looked more “gourmet” as the boyfriend put it.  Most importantly though was the taste of these cupcakes.  I got salted caramel and the boyfriend got German chocolate.  These cupcakes are DIVINE! They are soo fresh and moist!  My cupcake was topped with a buttercream frosting (I believe), which I surprisingly liked.  I am not a fan of buttercream at all, but their’s had an almost whipped/fluffy consistency and wasn’t overly rich.   We will definitely be going back to sample the other flavors.

For me, the only downside to Two Sweet are it’s hours of operation… they just don’t work with my work schedule 😦

Banana Cream, Coconut, Smores, Pineapple Upside-down cake = most recent purchase made 4/15/2010... unlike the first cupcakes, these actually made it home 😛



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