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Product Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation February 10, 2010

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty.

Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation - official release is March 2010, so full range not yet available

I have seen many reviews for this foundation on YouTube, and figured that I would add my two cents about it.  Most people have compared it to the MakeUp Forever HD Foundation, however I not used that particular foundation. Personally, I would say this is foundation reminds me of MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundation. Like Satinfinish, the foundation is light feeling (which I LOVE) but provides more coverage.  PhotoReady provides medium coverage which is easily blended and build-able. Unlike Revlon’s Colorstay foundation, which is full coverage, this does not give you a mask-like appearance.  In fact the finish is dewy and natural looking.

To read complete review, tips, and see pictures…

In a previous entry I commented on how lately my skin has started to rebel and become drier than ever.  Well, after frying the chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday it was a complete disaster.  My dry was red, irritated, and drier than I have ever experienced.  This is initially what led me to start using my PhotoReady foundation, since I wanted more coverage than SatinFinish was giving me.  The PhotoReady was excellent, and in fact it did not accentuate my dry patches.  In fact, I feel as though my skin is actually starting to get better (not as dry) since I started using this regularly.

Many people have commented on the luminescence or sparkles evident in the foundation; when I used the foundation for the first time the “sparkles” were very noticeable.  I was litterally like, “Oh my goodness I look glittery!”  However, when I asked my roommates how it looked they just noted a dewy/glow look.  I figure the sparkles are only really noticeable if you are looking for them since it is finely milled (not giant chunks of glitter), and after setting with powder (I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural) they are not seen at all.

Today I tried mixing Revlon’s ColorStay with the PhotoReady since I had read that the combination makes an excellent foundation.  I mixed one pump of my PhotoReady with a drop of the Colorstay and was very pleased with the result.  I got very close to full coverage but without the mask-like look; basically full coverage but with a natural glow.  Also, the smell of the ColorStay foundation was undetectable when mixed with the scentless PhotoReady.

Overall, I really like Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation.  I feel that it is a nice cheaper alternative to higher end foundations.  It definitely has staying power that does not oxidize and change color through the day.  Perfect for use both during the day and excellent for going out.  The only people I would be hesitant to recommend this to would be those with oily skin, as the finish is dewy it may make you appear greasy; but that’s not to say that a mattifying powder would resolve that (I can’t say since I don’t ever have a problem with being too oily, and don’t use mattifying powders).

Tips for this foundation:

  • When deciding on a shade, IGNORE THE NUMBERS!!  The numbers mean virtually nothing when it comes to the darkness, in fact 006 is darker than 008.  Personally, I use NC40 in MAC and for the PhotoReady I found 009 Rich Ginger to be a PERFECT match.  This was a surprise to me since it looks soo dark in the bottle, but I tried 006 and it was too light.
  • For application I like using a duo-fiber brush, like the MAC 187.  It really provides for the “airbrushed, flawless” look.  I felt like the foundation brush (flat paintbrush like, MAC 190) required more blending and work to get the light feeling.  The duo fiber was easy and effortless for application.
  • Contrary to the name the foundation is not exactly “Photo Ready”.  Picture taken with flash do result in a slight white cast, especially in the darker shades, due to the higher SPF.  Personally, I haven’t noticed the white cast in most photos; in fact I like how the photos turn out.  However, the foundation does not make you “photo ready” since flash will affect the appearance.  In normal light you will appear flawless 🙂

Before - NO MAKEUP!

MAC Mineralize SatinFinish (no flash)

Revlon's PhotoReady (no flash)

These pictures were taken with just the foundation, no powder was used on top.

SatinFinish with flash

PhotoReady with flash



1. Patty - May 16, 2010

SatinFinish looks better my opinion

2. Jess - October 14, 2010

I mix them too!

The photoready pic looks kickass 🙂

3. Denise - February 9, 2011

Great review!! 🙂

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