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Haircut January 28, 2010

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty.

For the past several years I have kept my hair relatively short; never really let it grow out too far past my shoulders. The last time I have really long hair was when I was little, like in elementary school. Back then I had hair almost down to my butt and my mom would usually braid it up for school. Well, I’ve decided to grow my hair out. Not quite sure how long I’m going to go though.

Front view... should I cut the bangs shorter?

It’s been about 6 months since my last cut and my layers had all grown out as well as my bangs. Well, today a had a “trim” just to get the damage cut off and to get some shape put back into my hair.

The trip to Hair Cuttery went really well.  I really like how my hair turned out.  It was really hard to resist asking her to cut off more; kept having to remind myself that I’m trying to grow long hair 😛

What was left of my highlights

One thing that I did notice after my cut were my highlights.  In addition to growing out my hair, I’m also growing out my highlights.  My highlights started as  a caramel/reddish brown, but they have prety much all lightened up to a blonde.  As a result, after getting my haircut it is really noticeable where my layers start and stop; kinda funky looking (though my roommate likes the random color in there).

So, after some research I decided to try covering up the highlights with a semi-permanent color.  This is the first time Ive ever tried at home coloring… afterall, my first time getting color were my highlights about 2 years ago.  Since my roommate let me attempt to color her hair red (didn’t really work out, since the color didn’t take) I let her do my hair 🙂

After coloring

No more highlights



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