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Early Christmas!! December 24, 2009

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty, Uncategorized.

OMG!!! My sister's Christmas gift to me arrived early!!!  My Coastal Scents palettes arrived today (we ordered them on Sunday, with normal FedEx ground shipping)!
Sooo excited!!! I've been waiting for eyeshadows to complete my new makeup set 😀
I'll post pictures later – I'm too lazy to upload from my camera (I've got a bunch of pictures to add to here)

My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts early too.  Right before Thanksgiving he got me a new TV for my room (Samsung 32" LCD TV).  I told him that was enough but he went ahead and surprised me with a beautiful diamond ring and sapphire necklace (will definitely post pictures)!

I was also surprised today with little bonuses from both of the offices that I work at!
Hopefully the rest of the holidays will go just as well 🙂

BTW: packing for Florida was tougher than I thought it was going to be…. I hope we end up doing Disney for New Years! I haven't been in FOREVER and I'm actually looking forward to it.  I guess it's a way to revisit my childhood 😛

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