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CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) December 23, 2009

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OMG! I went to the CCO in Williamsburg for the first time today.  All I have to say is I CANNOT spend anymore money until I get paid and pay my credit card bill šŸ˜›

This past weekend Ellen and I had been talking about how it sucked that we weren't into MAC when the Hello Kiity collection came out; everytime I see videos with Hello Kitty products I sigh.  Well, after walking over to the MAC section the first think I noticed was the Hello Kitty packaging!! SOO EXCITING!!  Despite the discounted prices I had to restrain myself…. I ended up just getting Fun&Games blush and Tahitian Sand beauty powder.  I wanted to get at least one eyeshadow palette, but since Ellen is getting me the three Coastal Scents 88 palettes, I told myself I wouldn't buy any MAC shadows.  My reasoning being that once I start using the 88 palettes I'll figure out which colors would be worth getting…. but part of me is still thinking about going back to the CCO to get one of the palettes :P  Maybe after Christmas.. hopefully I get some envelopes containing money from the family!
From the CCO I also got a Mineralized Skinfinish Duo (Medium Dark/Shimmer) and a MAC 223 brush (since my 224 brush that my roommate's friend is sending hasn't gotten here yet, and I've been needing a blending brush).  It was between the 222 and the 223, but I felt the 223 was a little softer and controlled better.  We'll see how it works out šŸ˜›

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