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More MAC! December 17, 2009

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So on Monday my roommate and I spent sometime at the MAC counter with out favorite MUA.  My roommate was comparing between the Satinfinish and the tinted moisturizer, since lately she hasn't been very happy with the appearance of her skin.  But after some convincing she decided to go with Satinfinish, it was light and provided a nice natural glow.  Once I finish my tinted moisturizer I'm going to get myself a bottle of the Satinfinish!
Our MUA gave us some samples – I had told her about my dry skin issues and suggested I try a couple of things.  She gave samples of Lancome Primordiale, Lancome Absolute Night, and the MAC Moisturelush Eye Cream.  I have since been using all three – Moisturelush eye cream day and night, Absolute Night at night, and Primordiale during the day.

I really like the Moisturelush Eye Cream.  It's super rich, and unscented.  I haven't noticed any changes, but it's only been like 2 days.  Unlike the face cream this leaves my skin with a hydrated feeling, and it hasn't made my skin feel tight.  This is the first eye cream that I've tried, and I'll continue to use up my sample before trying something else.  I feel like it'll be at least a week or two since I only use this around my eyes, and a little goes a long way.

The Lancome products have been moisturizing my skin very well.  Dry patches don't show through, even after a long day.  ANd my skin feels smoother overall.  Still have tons of this so will keep it up.  The only drawback would be the fragrance of the lotion and cream.  My roommate felt the smell was overwhelming, but I don't find it that bad.

I know previously I was raving about the Cetaphil, and it is great.  However, the skin on my neck got very dry and the cetaphil didn't appear to be handling it very well and the itching at night was almost unbearable.  I used the Aveeno Intense Relief Moisturizing Cream for one night, and that seemed to calm my neck down.
My face, however, has not been drying out.  So I'm not sure if it's the Cetaphil not working of if it's just me.

On a sidenote:
 - Today I picked up the MAC holiday eye bag Alakazam!
It came in a cute silver bag which included a full-sized Melon pigment, Rich Ground Fluidline, travel-size Zoom Lash mascara, and a 209SE brush.
I'm hoping that I can resist buying MAC products for a little bit after this….. well, at least until the New Year… lol
Though, since news of the new smaller pigment packaging I have been contemplating getting at least one more pigment… I'm debating between Naked and Vanilla

I've also decided to return my Sonia Kashuk Concealer brush.  It just isn't as useful as I was expecting, and since I'm expecting my ELF Studio brush set sometime by the end of the week it's for the best.

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