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E.L.F December 17, 2009

Posted by graciegrapes in Beauty, Uncategorized.

YAY!!! So excited my shipment arrive from ELF cosmetics!!!
I ordered got the 11 brush Studio set, Studio Kabuki brush, Eye brightening pencil in Plum!  I ordered eyeshadow primer, but they were out of stock 😦

I was first introduced to ELF when I picked up the brightening pencil in Plum a year or two ago at Target.  I have since not been able to find a pencil with the same color – a beautiful jewel purple color that not too loud.  Since my pencil was finally starting to get short I decided to heck out the website: www.eyeslipsface.com.  For a dollar it's well worth it, but ordering only wasn't worth the $6 shipping for a pencil.  As I looked around on the website I noticed that the brushes were pretty affordable.  And since I needed a set of brushes I decided to give the studio line a try (esp. since it'll take a little bit before I can build up a MAC collection).

First impressions of the Studio brush…. super soft!  The kabuki is maybe not as dense at the MAC 182, but it feels just as soft!  The brush sets seems to have pretty useful brushes, especially perfect for someone just starting out.  After I start using these brushes I'll write up a better review of the brushes.

side note:
A trip to the MAC counter to return my roommate's MSF resulted in me picking up the Haute High Jinks Pigment/Glitter Set.  I wanted something more neutral….

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