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My collection has grown!!! December 12, 2009

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So this past week was very stressful for me, esp. with the issues I've been have with my nursing program application.  But hopefully it's all fixed now and I don't have to worry about it anymore *crosses fingers*

Anyways, as a result my MAC/makeup collection has grown tremendously.  This also due to my boyfriend buying me products as a bribe to goto Atlantic City.

SOO… this past week (ALONE) this is what I have accumulated:

-  from the Holiday collection: Cool Capers Mini Pigment/Glitter Set and Frisky Business Bright Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass Set ( these were bribes from the boyfriend 😛 )
-  Paint Pots in Indianwood and Soft Ochre
-  Blacktrack Fluidline
-  MAC 217 Brush
-  MAC Brush Cleanser
-  Brushes from Target:  Sonia Kashuk Small Eyeshadow  Brush, Concealer Brush, and Studio Tools Dual-Finish Brush

I was mentioning to my sister that normally my retail therapy would normally be clothing, typically from Forever 21, but since Black Friday I just haven't found anything at that store that I really want.  So, since this MAC obsession (or as my roommate puts it, addiction) is still pretty new that's what I went for.  It doesn't help when one mall that I work at has a freestanding store, and the other one has a MAC counter.
I'm also currently waiting to receive the MAC 224 and 129 brushes from my roommate's friend.  Hopefully he can come through with the other brushes I asked for too (the 182, 187, 239).

I'm trying to convince myself not to buy anymore MAC until at least the end of the year, but the boyfriend doesn't make it easier by trying to bribe me again for an AC trip….
Anyways, I feel that the only thing my makeup collection really needs to have the basics covered would be some new eyeshadow (esp. since the eyeshadow palettes I have are from like 4 years ago!). I'm hoping my sister will come through with a Christmas present of the Coastal Scents Palettes, esp. since I've come through with an AMAZING gift for her 😀

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