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New MAC-Addict December 4, 2009

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Right before Thanksgiving I went to MAC for the first time EVER with Tiffany, who loves their products.

I wanted a new tinted moisturizer since Neutrogena Health Defense dried me out.  Ended up getting Studio Moisture Tint in Medium Dark.  The color blended very well with my skin giving me nice even coverage.  I've been using it for the past week and haven't noticed any drying from it.
Tiffany also gave me her Improper Copper Cream Base, I've been using it on my cheeks and recently started using it as an eyeshadow base – since I haven't gotten any paint pots yet 😛

Anyways, I'm definitely HOOKED!!

I've gone back and gotten Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus and Mineralized Skinfinish in Sunny By Nature.  I was a little weary of getting Medium Plus since it looked VERY light compared to my skin, but our MAC artist (Breezy, whom is AMAZING) made a valid point about how powders tend to darken/oxidize as you wear them.  Medium Plus has turned out to be the perfect shade; I use it over the Moisture tint.  Breezy also helped me pick out a new bronzer; for me it was between Sunny By Nature and Cheeky Bronze (i think).  They were very similar in color/tone but Cheeky Bronze had just a bit more pigment, kinda like blush and bronzer in one.  While, I loved the color I decided to stick with Sunny By Nature since I thought it would be more versatile (my goal with products since I'm just starting out); could use it as a bronzer all over, just on the cheeks, or even for contouring.  As my collection grows I may go back and get Cheeky Bronze 😉

In going through all the MAC vidoes and tutorials I came to realize that I needed to get a good set of brushes.  Especially considering that fact that I have never gotten any brushes; I've just gotten by using random applicators and a tiny travel brush set for eyes for the past couple of year.  But I'm excited since after some thought I've come up with my started set.  When Tiffany's friend comes into town this weekend I hope to get the 129, 182, 239, 224, and 187.

Since Christmas is coming up I am also developing a "MAC Wishlist" 😛
List so far:
Brushes – 217, 249 (maybe)
Paint Pot – Rubenesque, Soft Ochre, Indianwood, Bare Study and Painterly (maybe)
Lip Conditioner, not sure if I want tinted or not
Lustreglass – Love Necta

I'm also thinking of getting the Coast Scents palettes for my eyeshadows (Original, Shimmer, and Warm).  I figure if I find that I'm using certain colors over and over again then I'll invest and get MAC in those particular colors.

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