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Current Skin Care Routine December 4, 2009

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Now that TIffany has got me completely hooked on MAC and basically sparked my interest in makeup and beauty for the moment I have decide to go over my routine.  
Previously my only concern was managing my dry skin/eczema since I rarely wore makeup.  But I have decided to stay using makeup pretty regularly 🙂 Especially since I have found products that don't dry me out with regular use.  I have also decided to track everything due to the fact that I can't visit the dermatologist when needed…no insurance 😦
Before whenever I had any problems I could just goto the derm, get some medicine and skin would be fixed.  But without that insurance I've had to find other ways to control my skin.
Fortunately I do still have some Protopic left to help when it gets bad. It's only 0.03% so not as effective as 0.1% that I used to have but it still gets the job done for the most part.
Another reason for me wanted to write everything down is when I was searching for products, especially moisturizers, that worked for eczema I could barely find anything!

So anyways, this blog is going to be mostly for me to keep track of everything!

Morning and Night:
Cetaphil Skin Cleanser
Aveeno Intense Relief Moisturizing Lotion or Skin Relief Overnight Cream (on face)

Makeup removing wipes (when wearing lots of makeup)
Apricot Scrub (every other day)
Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 (spot treatment for acne)
LUSH Biofresh Face Mask (1-2x a week)
   – Oatifix: best one for dry skin  **my favorite so far**
   – BB Seaweed: very calming, made be skin feel refreshed
   – Brazen Honey: good for exfoliating, but strong; also the girls at LUSH said this was the better exfoliating mask for dry skin and moisturizing, but I don't think it was all the great for moisture
   – Crash Course in Skincare: very smooth and cooling mask, general use; nothing too special, but made my skin feel good and refreshed
   – Santa's Rice Poridge: this is my least favorite so far; was told it is for "tired" skin, but I didn't notice anything after using it

Going to start looking for an actual facial moisturizer – needs to handle eczema
MAC Studio Moisture Fix – felt good when first applied but didn't last all day…. dry patch started showing through after a couple of hours

Thinking of trying:
MAC MoistureLush Cream
Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture
Cetaphil Moisture Cream

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