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April 24, 2005

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Yesturday was fun and somewhat productive….
Got up and headed over to Tracy’s before the CSA culture show to work on the tinikling.  We had workede on one routine Thursday night, but I was thinking that morning and forgot the music at the dorms.  So Tracy found another recording and we went with the one that speeds up at the end.  So within like 30 minutes Allan taught the routine to Tracy.  So around 2:00 ish we headed over to the commons.  The show started a bit past 4:00.  It actually went pretty well.  Tracy and Allan pulled off the dance pretty flawlessly.  Overalll…. GOOD JOB CSA with your FIRST culture show.  This one was your own, and you guys did a GREAT job. esp. considering the time constraints. 

After the show, nicole, tracy, and i headed back to Tracy’s place and did some studying.  Well, I studyed (got some bio articles done), Tracy cleaned, and Nicole was talkin online…hehe…. Then Mark, Christine, and Gil picked us up and we went by Ukrops and got supplies for the night.  At Mark’s place Christine and I made dinner.  Corned Beef and rice… YUM!!  The pictures are up on imagestation.  Crazy night full of fun, laughter, and movies….

Today I have to work on my Bio lab paper/presentation, Bio articles, goto church, then BAHAY KO, Pandango, and Stomp practice…..

btw: I’m starting to wonder if my congested nose is from allergies or maybe I’m actually sick…. I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE OUT OF MY NOSE……hehehe


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