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April 16, 2005

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Kutsinta: A sticky rice cake that is served for

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well…. what can i say…
it’s times like this that make me wonder… WHY… 
one thing i hate is dissappointing people… i think it’s one of those things that i fear in life.  right now i feel like i’ve just recently dissappointed a couple of people who i really respect and care about.  i honestly don’t know how i can make it up to you….. i know that we all make mistakes, and something like this is somewhat trivial in the scheme of things, but with everything that has been going on i feel bad.  at first i was mad, sorta like what gives you the right to talk to me like that, esp since it’s not a normal thing for me.  heck, i rarely do things like that…. no matter how gone i am…. but then i started to think about it, and past convos that we’ve had.
and i see that i was starting to become something that i don’t want to be. i guess i just had to be pushed to that point again to realize it…..

obviously i can’t guarantee that i will change in an instant, of course it’s gonna take time…. but i turned around before and i’ll do it again…



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