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April 12, 2005

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Yesterday was such a great day…. It didn’t feel like a monday at all,
felt more like friday…  In btw classes sat out in the commons
plaza for a while, got tan, and burned on my back i think.  In the
plaza they set up carnival, that was cool.  FREE STUFF!!! hehe…
man i love funnel cake…  For some reason my allergies were
really acting up yesterday, but when i went inside i started sneezing
more so i just stayed outside.  After spanish, had dance and BAHAY
KO practice.  Tried to figure out my scene somemore… still needs
work… SORRY for stepping on you again chris…
After practice went to Volt’s for stomp practice. Learned a drum
rhythem, and talked for a while.  Then  a bunch of us (BS,
Jake, Wilmer, Jon, Volt, Kaitlen, Igle (sp)) went out to Bel Isle or
was it Brown Isle…anyways, that was fun… next we should goto
Hollywood Cemetary, who knows?
Well, I’m in btw classes right now with nothing better to do
really.  No one is in the commons, and a bit chilly to just sit



1. Anonymous - April 12, 2005

hehehe. brown isle.

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