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March 26, 2005

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Well, I’m home for Easter weekend… since this next month I’m gonna be soo busy and probably won’t be going home much.

Anyways… when I got home a new cell phone was waiting for me… hehe….  SAMSUNG e315 (updated version of mine)
I’ve joined the club and have a camera phone…  IM ME TO GET MY NEW NUMBER 🙂 My parents also decided to get a portable DVD player and an MP3 player…. since when did my parents suddenly want to get into electronics…haha
Well, the MP3 player we’re gonna return and exchange it.  They had gotten the Sony MP3 player, but we’re gonna return it can get an IPod instead…. since the SONY ATRAC4 thing is dumb….

hmm… my stomach is still sorta bothering me….



1. JaNeLLyBeAnS - March 26, 2005

ooh i like that phone! i was thinking of getting that one too… too bad my freakin contract doesn’t end til OCTOBER! blleehh. hehe, enjoy your new phone & happy easter! see ya when we all get back to vcu. =D

2. lil_emem - March 26, 2005

hey grace! i have the same phone. i think its alright. well i’ll ttyl. happy easter!

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