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March 7, 2005

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

well…i guess i’ll do a quick update while i have my break in btw classes….
note: this keyboard in the commons sucks!!  haha

anyways…. I just have to get through this week and then it’s spring break!! too bad we can’t have it at the same time as everyone else… oh well i’m sure i’ll mange.  This past weekend was okay..  The usual weekend at home except without a family get together… surprisingly… friday didn’t really do anything… saturday got up earlier to goto the band festival… that was nice.. sitting there in the auditorium at west springfield brought back a lot of memories from the Westfield band.  Makes me really miss those times… esp. the band trips… haha… NO SOLIDS…. *sigh*
After ellen finished i didn’t really feel like staying to WS unfortunately since i was gettiung a really bad headache.  so we went to panera ate, got some bagels and went to fair oaks… Didn’t find anything good there though… but i did find out that they’re gonna open an AEROPOSTALE there,,, ye-yah.
Then it was time for church… after church we went to Dullus Towne Center.. bought some shirts from AERO and Old Navy..

I’m getting really annoied with this keyboard so i’m gonna end it there… since that’s baiscally it…

This Week: 2 tests (chem and spanish on mon), 2 Lab reports (bio 5 pg report-tues and chem-wed), Meeting (fact on tues), dance practice (thurs)….



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