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March 1, 2005

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1. tora7adc - March 2, 2005

hey hey, long time no talk/see. how’re u guyz? i think i saw ur parents at one of our big family get-together’s(u know how it is) but i don’t think i saw u or ellen there. anywayz, yeah, so, i applied to UVa, V. Tech, James Madison, George Mason, and also VCU(really). i got accepted into GMU last week but i’m still waiting on the others schools like in april. senior year has been really fun. but i sleep at like 1am every night cuz of AP classes. how’s college life for ya? i’m in japanese 4 right now. i love that class, funny thing is, mai sensei is a white, jewish man, but his wife is nihon jin so it’s all good. chloe(youngest sister jus’ in case ya forgot) is taking nihongo next year as well. diana’s in french(psh!). so yeah, if ya wanna talkz, mai AIM is “tora7adc” and if ya want, u can join mai blogring, “AzN Fighterz.” mai sisters, jb, lysa, (member them?) and kristine(nikki and kevin’s cousin as well as mine) is also in it. so i guess i’ll ttyl. is good u still remember japz. nihongo no jyuugyou wa tottemo tanoshii da yo. anywayz, jyaa ne.

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