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January 27, 2005

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Haven’t updated in a while… i guess….
Let’s see….hmmmm…..

On the Monday befoer school started, went galavanting with the VW Crew…ye-yah… Waffle house!! *cough* *cough* *wipes nose* here’s your waffle…. hahaha
Rolan is such a PIMP!! hehe… four girls, and later in the week 7 girls….   gotta love the GALAVANTING!!! oh… and the new jackets, VERY NICE!
Well, the first week of school was pretty good. Had a lot of fun playing in the snow with everyone! Getting back into the habit of classes wasn’t that bad… My bio lecture class…man… I think it’s the way the professor talks, but it’s just sooo hard to stay awake…  But I’m definitely not that into Shafer anymore. hehehe… I guess I’m getting tired of it.. I dunno….
Basically, the events of the first week are well documented on image station…and I finally got my pictures up from that first week…so check’em out  http://www.imagestation.com/member/?name=gracia6900

Second week of school is almost over… Nothing too exciting…
Sunday night, went to Wal-Mart to help Judy find the foods for her 6-second ab diet thing… haha… so much yogurt, YUM!!!
Last night was hilarious!!  Went over to Rolan’s to watch American Idol. It was me, nicole, christine, rolan, and noella… We got wings and pizza from shafer and noella and rolan made rice… hehe, now Rolan nows how to make good rice (well sorta)… ANYWAYS….
After having dropped everything that night, Noella actually dropped herself!! hahaha…  Somehow, out of nowhere she falls off of the stool… It was CRAZY!!!  and the best part is the fact that she never let go of that buffalo wing… haha…. even when she was rolling around on the ground and getting up, she was still grasping it…. It was like that wing was her last meal, and she wouldn’t let it go… hahaha… good job noellla

As for today’s events…. basically, went to class, played some ping pong for free at break point, watched American Idol @ Edrick’s…. then after much debating, went to dinner at Fridays…. 3 course meal for $12.99…. not bad… the VANILLA BEAN CHEESECAKE….. yum!!!

Don’t have class until 1:00….
Things I “should” do before that:
-fill out work form for my window (it won’t lock close)
-print out notes for stat and maybe bio
-try and get some homework done ahead of time



1. PRiNCeSS_deSTiNY - January 27, 2005

ahahaha…i can’t believe you put my falling off the stool on xanga!  hehe it’s all good…good times good times=)  okie ttyl…buh bye for now.

2. BuStaBoO - January 28, 2005

I just ate the vanilla bean cheesecake earlier this evening. it WAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! finally ur pictures are updated. yay!

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