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November 25, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

I hope that everyone had a GREAT TURKEY DAY!!!

I know I did… Lots of food and family as always….
Got up today at 8:30 and went to church, then came back home and took a nap before heading over to Uncle Pol’s place.  Watched some Shrek 2 (well actually I fell asleep), played with the cousins…  Got to catch up with some of the older cousins of mine….
I can’t wait for tomorrow… I’m sooo ready to play in the VSA Turkey Bowl at Mason…. guys play at 11:00 and girls are at 1:00… come out and support VCU… ye-yah.. don’t forget to wear the yellow!

Anyways…. as I was sitting with my cousins talking about VCU I began to realize how luck I am…. I have not only a great family to come home to, but also a great family in school.  I thought that after leaving the high school band I would create the same relationships in the band in college… When that didn’t happened I was sort of bummed, but then I found FACT!  I am soo lucky to have people that I can be real with… Its been a while since I’ve actually felt that way… and for once I don’t feel like I’m on the edge or outskirts of the group.  Thank you everyone!!



1. Anonymous - November 26, 2004

aw, hope you guys do great! btw, harry potter rocks! haha.

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