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November 10, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

YAY!! I made it to Cabaniss in one piece…..  
After meeting my cousin Joanna, we were on the way to Cabaniss and Judy was like “let Grace drive”.  So Jeremy and I switched and I drove to Cabaniss…. It wasn’t that bad actually…BUT judy’s car was different from Jeremy’s.  But at least I didn’t stall out on the way to Cabaniss.. I only stalled when I had to move to the front of Cabaniss after parking on the side.  So I feel very proud of myself…

Let’s see…what else happened today….. took a quiz in calc….that was not good at all! Fortunately I get to drop my two lowest quiz grades. Then band was the same as usual….Chem lab went by… and then Spanish…man! That class seemed sooo long today… Like it was never ending…. but I sort of made it through w/o falling asleep…

Well, tomorrow I don’t have class until 2:00 PM…..I wonder what I’m going to do tonight…. Maybe I’ll work out tomorrow morning with Jeremy and Jon….BUT 6:30  am is sooo early….



1. xhyperpinayx - November 11, 2004

you don’t need to work out! live the lazy life like me. anyways see you at paulapalooza!

2. LammieThings - November 11, 2004

aww you’re so cute driving stick!!!  sorry i didn’t get to chill out with you when you met joanna i kinda got kidnapped by alex on my way home haha

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