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November 8, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

The one thing that I hate about living at Cabaniss is being to lazy to
go back there when I have long breaks in between my classes.  My
next class isn’t until 1:00 and I just don’t feel like going back
there.  I would be nice to take a nap there, but that’s just too
much effort for me right now…. So instead I took a Starbucks
Doubleshot and ate a giant Chocolate muffin. YUM!  So right now I’m sort of on a sugar high…but not hyper, since I don’t really get hyper….

Anyways…last week was quite different for me…
I went out everynight last week. Don’t know what came over me…. It
was okay though since I didn’t have any homework to do, or any tests to
study for.  It was a LOT of fun… odd though since Leslie stayed
in just about the entire week… A role switch with me and her….hehehe
*Debbie, you and me need to work out…and you know why*

Saturday night was a lot of fun…. Can’t wait to see the pictures….



1. xhyperpinayx - November 8, 2004

welcome to the beginning of the end for you… you’ll never want to stop going out now… haha ENJOY LIFE… and come out and play!

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