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October 31, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

You got a SUPERIOR once again at VBODA!! You guys were awesome today….band, drumline, pit, and colorguard…..

So yeah…went to the marching band festival today at Battlefield High School… brought back the memories (despite the fact that it was ONLY a year agao)…..  Got to see a LOT of bands, including Oakton… BUT I didn’t get to stay and watch Robinson and Lake Braddock.
MAN!!! I’m such a BAND GEEK!!! hahaha

Well, I guess it’s b/c the band a VCU just isn’t doing it for me….after this year I’m not doing it anymore, I’m too lazy to audition…and I don’t think I can stand being in U Band….

Went to Uncle Z’s for dinner…Got to see the relative once again…Always a good time… Angelina and Cindy are getting sooo big… They are sooo cute…  AND I’m getting old! j/k 
But the best part of the night would have to be Uncle Z and Chito trying to hook up the Magic Mic….Two drunk guys messing around with electronics provides tons of entertainment…..


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