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October 29, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Man….. Today was not a good day for Westfield….. My first homecoming and Westfield loses!   After having a 26 or so game winning streak, they lose at homecoming….AND against Oakton of all schools…..grrrr…

The marching band didn’t have a great night either….It started off good, all of the alumni coming back, it was great….Then at half-time the stupid SGA kicks the band off of the field and doesn’t let them finish the show.  This was going to be a big night for the band.  First time that peolpe would get to see the ENTIRE show (w/ all the effects and props).  But no! Homecoming court has to have their time…..Honestly, I hate to break it to them, but most people don’t care about court.  If SGA hadn’t noticed…..NO ONE was paying any attention to them….. At least the band gets the attention of the crowd…..

I’m just sort of blowing off some steam, since I know how hard the band works, and it’s things like tonight just aren’t right.  Watch out SGA…You’ll be getting those “strongly worded” letters soon enough….  and just a comment, not allowing the band to play at the game isn’t a good idea.  It’s just dead without the band…….


As for things at VCU…..Things are going pretty well….
btw we made it to our 8:00 AM exam…don’t sweat it…..


1. JaNeLLyBeAnS - October 30, 2004

yay i’m glad you made it to your exam! hehehe..
i’m im so mad i passed out last night! oh well, until our next drunken night.. holla!

2. xhyperpinayx - October 30, 2004


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