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September 26, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

I feel like such a bum right now…. I’m still in my PJ’s…..  Well, I did goto sleep around 4:00 am and woke up at 1:30 pm…… Saturday wasn’t much different either. 
Friday I ended up hanging out with TJ, Debbie, and Jake for a while.  We met up for lunch at Shafer then headed over to Larrick to play some pool and ping pong.  Played a little bit on the piano; well I actually attempted to play, TJ played… Ended up not going to watch Shrek 2, we just hung out in Larrick until Jake and the others decided to get ready to leave for VA Beach.  After everyone left, I went out w/ Leslie and the other but didn’t do anything except walk around for a while.  Woke up Saturday at 10:00 or so, went down to Larrick to eat, then came back to the room and laid in bed, occassionally looking up stuff on the computer, then went to church with Cecil and Ann.  Then we went to Shafer and then back to Cabaniss.  Then last night went out once again.  Did the walk around AGAIN…. cops were everywhere….so didn’t do a whole a lot.  Came back to the room around 3:00ish and talked for a bit.

I have three tests this week, i think.  I know for sure that there’s one tomorrow in Spanish and one on Tuesday in Psyc, and one on Friday in Chem.  Shouldn’t be too bad, I hope….Well, I don’t really have much to say so I think I’m gonna go stare at my Spanish and Psyc for a bit…..



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