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September 24, 2004

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Today after dinner the oddest thing happend to me…. I was walking out of Shafer, eating my ice cream and this lady and two guys stop me and ask if I’d participate in a religious survey.  I had nowhere to go and nothing to do so I answered their questions.  After that, the lady was I like have some really good news for you. I’m standing there with a confused look on my face.  Then she starts talking about God and how eternal life is God’s free gift to us, and they went on and on.  Also, for the surcey I had given them my first name, and they would emphasize GRACE whenever they said it.  I was just like, I get it, that’s my name.  So they’re talking to me, and I didn’t want to be rude and just leave so I stayed for the whole speech until the guy asked me ,” Would you like to recieve eternal life, right now?”   Sort of freaked me out, since what went through my mind was…in order to have eternal life I would have to die…. It turns out he wanted to me to say a prayer with them.  Normally I probably wouldn’t mind, but to me I only pray when I mean it, so I politely told them no. And left…..BUT before I left they gave me this booklet that basically repeated everything that they had just said.  And the lady even gave me her phone # in case I had any questions….
It was a new experience…..DEFINITELY!

Well, tomorrow I’m gonna watch Shrek 2 in the Commons……It’s our first floor activity; BONDING EXPERIENCE!  I’m looking forward to it since I haven’t seen it before…… YAY!!



and a side note: I don’t understand guys….They are just as complicated as girls…I think we should get Juan to help us analyze somemore.  hehehe


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