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September 21, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

I am sooo bored right now…. Nothing to do…

Last night I went to sleep around 3:30am since I was helping people with their math homework.  Sometimes, I think I’m a little too nice for my own good.  But I’ve been seriously contemplating charging people, esp. if it’s past midnight.  Does anyone have suggestions for how much I should charge? seriously….
So today I got up at 8:30 for my calculus class.  It was a rview session during class, and 15 minutes into the class the teacher says that if we know that stuff then we don’t have to be there.  I’m like “great…I didn’t have to get up so early”.  But since I was already there I decided that I would stay.  5 minutes later I stat to doze off…so I leave…Went back to Cabaniss, and crawled into bed.  I’m not sure if I truely fell back to sleep, but I did feel a little more rested….It’s really cold in our room..burrr…I have my fleece blanket, the normal sheet, and my comforter on my bed….I love my bed…it’s sooo warm… 
Anyways…had lunch with Lisa, Debbie, and Jake. Then went to Chemistry.  Debbie and I showed up a little later than usual, and there were no seats open together. So I sat down in front of TJ and Debbie went off and sat with another girl. Class was pretty easy…still on the basics really….Then I had psyc, and we watched videos.  So today was pretty easy for me.  Even my spanish work was easy….
I guess I’ll just read my stuff for class…..

BTW: I’m staying on campus this weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after that……


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