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September 19, 2004

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Back at VCU…… we had a floor meeting.  Talked about activities that we should do for the floor, keeping the bathroom clean, and stuff like that.  Had a bunch of laughs.

I had a good weekend.  On Saturday I was able to goto Sarah’s party for a bit.  But I had to leave before the good part… It was still nice seeing everyone…I had fun….. 
Then after the party, we went to Herndon High School to see the band at their first competition.  They held the competition on the parking lot field so the view sucked.  And Westfield couldn’t perform the whole show since the parking lot was too small.  But it’s all good, they managed to get 2nd place anyways.  Chantilly got first….Westfield will get another chance at them, since Chantilly is going to all the same competitions.  I got to see all my friends in the band, it was exciting.  I also saw Chelsea, Phil, and Jo.

Tonight I was looking at the Undergraduate Bulletin (lists all the classes and majors) and I’m thinking about switching my major.  Initially I wanted to do Biochemistry, but I didn’t think that they offered it here.  But when I was looking through the bulletin, there it was.  It wouldn’t be that much different from Bio, just a couple more Chem class, and few less Bio classes.  I definitely need to have a meeting with my advisor……

Well, I have chem lab tomorrow morning at 8:00…So I should probably get ready for bed….


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