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September 18, 2004

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Well…I’m back home once again…Got 11 hours of sleep last night! And I feel soooo well rested right now. I am definitely ready for the day.

Yesturday was good day, aside for the rain at night..But it was still fun. I know that I aced my Chem quiz yesturday.  And I got my calc quiz back, aced that one too.  Band was blah…..  I dunno, about band anymore. I think I might not do it next year, but I will at least finish out the year. Then met up with Debbie, TJ, and the others in the commons before heading over to the FACT picnic/party at Danny’s place.
Well, Debbie, TJ, and I left for Danny’s place and it turned out that we were the first people there. So…instead of going in we drove around and got some gas.  Personally, I don’t like being the first person at places… But when we got just about eberyone else was there.  It was nice getting to hang out with everyone, a lot of fun. Basically, we ate, watched TV, some people sang and played the guitar, talked, etc. Then we had a samll meeting about next month.  Which, BTW, is Filipino History Month….FACT is planning on having a “barrio fiesta” of sorts on the commons.  I’ll update on that when I get somemore info.  Then after the party we headed back to the commons and played some pool.  I played really badly for some reason last night.  I mean I’m not great at playing, but I really sucked last night.  Like I was missing the simplest shots. grrrr. I think I will have go back and play again….
Anyways, Ellen called around maybe 8:30 to say that there were waiting for me at Cabaniss.  And it was raining really hard outside.  Since we didn’t bring our umbrellas, we made a mad dash for the car.  BUT…we ran the wrong way. HAHAHA….opps…

And that pretty much brings me to today…..I think I might be able to make it to Sarah’s b-day for a little bit after we drop Ellen off at her rehearsal.  I hope that I get to see them perform the show tonight…….



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