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September 16, 2004

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Last night was a LOT of fun!  At around 11:30 PM we (David, Rob, Beth, Leslie, and I) decided to goto Wal-Mart for supplies.  I think it was the one in Mechanicsville….I honestly don’t know where I am half the time here, esp. if I’m not on the main campus heading to academic or dining buildings.  But anyways….We spent about 2 hours at Wal-Mart.  Leslie definitely loaded up on her supplies.  Then after Wal-Mart we stopped at Taco Bell to get some food.  YUM!!  Then we headed back to Cabaniss.
David, Beth and I went down to the basement and watched Final Destination on David’s laptop.  I had never seen that movie before, a bit freaky if you ask me.  Makes you think about death and stuff.  So I went to bed last night at about 4:00AM.
Got up this morning at around 9:30…And surprisingly I really wasn’t that tired for classes at all.  I guess those days at WHS did some good.  They helped me adapt to having little amounts of sleep and make it through the day….
Let’s see, what else happened today…..Psychology was quite amuzing.  We were talking about states of consciousness, like sleeping and dreaming.  When we started to talk about dreams a bunch of people felt like sharing their own experiences.  With one girl, Dr.Harnett said that it sounded like she’s been smoking POT. I love that class….

OMG!! I just found out that Leslie (my roommate) had the EXACT SAME prom dress as me!!!!  How freaky…….

Tomorrow, I’m going to the FACT Pinic, should prove to be a fun time……



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