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September 15, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

School life here at VCU is starting to
become very routine now.  Basically, I get up, take a shower,
catch the bus over to the academic campus.  Head ouver to Shafer
for some breakfast (cearal and fruit), then over to my first class
about 15 minutes early.  Then in bewteen class I usually hang out
in the library, either on to the computer or going over stuff for
SPANISH!  That’s basically my day right now….Then ocassionally
I’ll have a meeting to goto at night.  Those I don’t mind since
lately it’s been for FACT.  Last night I was gonna watch the guys
play “football” but it was raining a little and my ride decided not to
go last minute.  And I personally didn’t want to ride the bus, and
walk to the field at 9:30 at night.  Esp. considering that I
wasn’t completely sure of where the field was except for that it was on
Cary Street.  Oh well, maybe next time…
I’m gonna go home this weekend to see WHS Marching Band at the Herndon
Competition.  Hopefully, they’ll break the streak of low standings
that we have there…  Sarah’s 18th b-day party is on Saturday
too.. I really wanna go since I haven’t seen her in a away and I wanna
talk. But Ellen has Tag Day in the morning then the competition at
night, so I don’t know if I can make it over there.

Right now I’m…guess where… in the LIBRARY! Got out of calc early,
since we had a quiz and I finished early.   Math is such a
bore for me right now.  So lately I’ve become the math person on
my floor.  I don’t mind it, since I always help people with there
math, I’m used to it.  A couple suggested that I charge people,
that’s not a bad idea though….But I think I’ll just leave it upto the
people I help…..
What else is there to say???? Was talking with Jasmine last night about
band stuff.  And how I’m actually sort of missing marching band
here since University Band just isn’t doing it for me.  Right now
I’m not really getting the joy out of it like I did before in high
school.  Not quite sure why? Perhaps it’s the lack of friendship I
have with the people in the band here.    So far, it
doesn’t seem as warm and welcoming as the band back at Westfield….


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