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September 12, 2004

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Man…I am sooo tired right now, but I can’t seem to fall back to sleep…. Went to sleep at 6:00 am!  A LOT of drama after I got back from the movies…..
Well, yesturday went to church with Cecil and Ann.  That was interesting, the mass here is done a little bit differently than back home, but ti doesn’t matter.  Then called TJ to see if we were still on for the movies, well he had to call me back….SO went to eat dinner at Shafer.  When I got back to the dorm at around 7:10…There was a message on my computer about how TJ couldn’t get a hold of my cell and that he was coming to pick me up sent at 6:40, and it takes about 30 mins or so for him to get here.  So got Cecil and Anna and waited in the lobby for him…Met his friend Dion, and the three of us went to the movies.   We went and saw Resident Evil: Apocalypse….It was pretty good, I can’t really remeber the how the first movie was soooo….  But we ended up getting starbucks and walking around the mall for about 1 1/2 hours.  Since we got to the movie theater at 8:00 and ALL of the movies had already started so we had to get a later showing…But it was all good…  I had a good time, esp. considering it was my first time off of the VCU Campus.  Hopefully, we’ll get to hang out again….Of course, it will probably have to wait until the next time I stay on campus for the weekend.  **Which will probably be in two weeks (Oct.1)

Oh yeah, it turned out that the FACT meeting was on Thursday night, not Wednesday night so I was able to bring along Cecil….It was interesting..I’m gonna be joining the club for sure now.  Met a LOT of people, but I don’t really remember most of them…..OH well, I’ll figure it out.. But there’s this trip to NY that the club is taking for this conference (for FIND), and I think that I want to go…it’s for two nights and they said it would cost about $50.00 so it’s not bad at all….. So I’ll see if I can work it out with the rents…..


There’s a Luau today at 4:30 by Cabaniss (at the MCV Campus Rec and Aquatic Center) and Julie and I are gonna trying to get the free T-shirts (first 400 people)….hehehe….Before I got the annoucement for the Luau, I had no idea that the Rec center was right next to Cabaniss……


1. Anonymous - September 12, 2004

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