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September 8, 2004

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Today was an interesting day.  And I mean interesting in a good way, not a bad way.  Woke up today about an hour before my alarm and I couldn’t get back to sleep for some reason.  So I got ready and headed over to shafer for some breakfast.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Calc- We did trig substitution.  I was really lost with the way that she was explaining it.  I think this might have been one of my trouble areas from last year.  But anyways, got back my quiz from last class. 40 out of 40!  So that was good.  Tomorrow I have another quiz on integration by parts, and I think that trig substitution might be on it.  At least I’m pretty sure that I have a quiz.  I was sort of out of it by the end of class.

Then I went back to the room to get my instrument to put it into my locker.  Which, BTW, doesn’t like me very much.  I don’t know if the girl gave me the wrong combo or if it’s just an old locker.  But, it takes me at least 5 tries to get it open, and that’s if I’m lucky.  Anyways, since I had a lot of time I went to the bookstore to go pick up the “clicker” that I ordered but no longer need.  That took a LOT longer than I thought since the guy couldn’t find it.  Apparently they put it in the wrong place or something.  I didn’t have time to return the “clicker” then, so I need to do that tomorrow, or sometime this weekend.
So when I got back to room Leslie was getting ready. So I left and put my instrument away, then met up with Amy and Leslie at Shafer for lunch.  We talked a bit, and sat around since none of us had class until 3:00 (for me, 2:00).  Then Beth showed up, and I left for Chem.

Chem- Today we used our “clickers” for the first time.  That was fun, esp. since neither TJ nor I knew our pad numbers. So we were just pressing the button nonstop hoping that our answers got in.  We were also trying to figure out our pad #, but turns out that we were both WAY OFF.
Psyc- Lecture…..Nothing new….

After Psyc got out I went to this Asian Meet and Greet at the Commons.  Not what I was expecting.  At Westfield anything “Asian” usually meant a whole lot of Koreans (no offense).  But at this get together there were actually a lot of filipinos, which really surprised me.  Since I’ve never really had a lot of contact w/ flips other than my family.  So that was nice.  I think I’m going to join FACT, a filipino club.   I’ll at least goto the meeting tomorrow and see how I like it.  It’ll force me to meet more people, which I really need to do. Esp. since Cecil and TJ both cana’t make it to the meeting.

Then I headed back to the room.  Where they were trying to organize Leslie’s surprise b-day party.  It was quite amuzing… we all thought that Leslie was coming back at 9:00 so we were planning how to distract her from going down to the guys’ room.  It turns out that her class didn’t end until 9:45 so she got back past 10:00.  Then it took forever to actually get her down to the room.  She finally made ti down… and well, the rest will be told if you wanna know….. But most of you reading probably don’t really care….


1. iamchuckychan - September 11, 2004

Man, I totally forgot about the Meet n’ Greet.You mean to say I’m not the only Filipino going to VCU? That’s a miracle.-Chuck

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