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September 1, 2004

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YES!!! THERE IS POWER ONCE AGAIN!!!!  Today has been such a great day!!!
I saw Jo today when I was waiting outside after my Chemistry  Lab. I thought that I was going to be late for Chem since Dr. Austin let us out late. But I made it, from the Performance Hall to Oliver Hall in five minutes..  Anyways, chem lab lasted a whole 15 MINUTES!!! So I got out at 2:15, and my spanish class didn’t start until 4:30, so I sat outside Oliver for a while.  But it was okay since this guy that I met yesturday in my chem lecture, he’s also in my chem lab, waited outside with me.  He was really sweet.   THen Jo showed up and I went and ate with her and this guy that she met.  Then went to her room at johnson.  My room is definitely a LOT bigger than her’s, but it was nice seeing it.  Considering I haven’t really seen much of the campus.  Gonna need to find some time to go around the city.

Roommate Update:  I think this girl on my floor Leslie might be moving into my room.  She’s been having problems with her roommate.  She seems really nice, I think we should get along….


Well, here’s what I wrote on my  computer yesturday…
 Man! It was a crazy day on Monday… The first full week of school and we have a tornado/hurricaine that causes a blackout.  But get this, out of the residence halls, Cabaniss is the only one to lose power!
It was weird since it was a prefect day, all; warm and sunny in the morning.  Then just a bit after lunch time it started to rain.  And I mean RAIN!!!  Even worse than “cats and dogs” hehe.. Everything was flooded on the academic campus.  After I got out from my Spanish class at 5:30 I waited 2 HOURS for the bus back to the MCV campus!! CRAZY!!!  Then it took about 2 HOURS to get to Cabaniss!!  While I was in the bus I actually saw the power go out in the building, sorta cool actually.  The water was so deep in some places that people were swimming in these giant puddles, which could be considered ponds.  Apparently, canoes were going down Broad St.  That’s according to Liz “the fashion student”.  She was worse off than I was.  She was stuck for 7 HOURS!!  So basically saw what was going. 
So since the power was out everyone was scrambling to finish the ice cream and milk that we all had stocked up on.  But anyways, I sorta glad that we had the blackout since I got to meet a LOT of people on my hall.  We stayed up for a while talking and playing cards. It was LOTS of FUN!!!
Anyways… Classes don’t start today (Tuesday) until 12:30.  And there still isn’t any power….  No hot water, nothing!!!
Well, I think I;m gonna go take my COLD shower since I was soaking wet yesterday after being in the storm.  At least now there’s some sunlight…






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