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August 29, 2004

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Well, I’m back at school after a weekend at home.  It was nice, despite the fact that I was only gone for three days.  Ellen was definitely happy to see me.  Apparently she misses having someone to rant and rave to about the day.  Saturday I visited the band since they were having their picture taken for the football program.  MAN!!! It was SOOO HOT!! That’s one thing about marching that I don’t miss; having to stand around in the HOT HOT SUN in full uniform w/instrument while a photographer tries to make a picture (that no one cares about) look good.  I mean the picture is a 3 by 5 and you can’t tell who’s who’s.  Saturday went over to Uncle Z’s house for dinner.  They had a family meeting to plan for the trip in Sept.  My mom’s side is going back to the Philippines this Sept. Too bad I can’t go…

Today I figured out all the classes that I need to take in order to graduate.  I could actually graduate a year early!

Roommate Update: Now I have no roommate!  I came into the room today and ALL of her stuff was GONE!  I guess she got moved to another room or something.  The RA doesn’t know what happened; in fact, she didn’t even know that there were people in my room. hahaha   Well, she said that there would be a chance that I get another roommate.  Personally, I want the room to myself.  Hopefully I’ll get what I want…..



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