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August 25, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

This morning I officially moved into my dorm.   WHen I was first coming in today I found out that I missed my mandatory floor meeting last night.  So I have no idea what the rules are or anything.  The girl at the front desk wasn’t very nice about it either.  She could have clued me as to what I should do about that.  BUT no…I have to figure stuff out myself. 
Anyways, today I went on a “tour” where they showed us where all of our classes are.  I was worried about having to walk a long distance to get to my classes.  I turns out that my classes are pretty centrally localized.  The only ones not in the same area as the mojority are Spanish and Band.  But those two buildings are next to each other, and the rest are about a 5 minute walk away.  The only thing I need to worry about is catching the bus from MVC to Academic Campus in time for classes.  But it’s pretty simple especially since the stop is right behind Cabaniss.
As for my roommate, I still haven’t met her.  Apparently she didn’t stay in the room either, she went home like I did.  I have to spend the night alone  since she won’t be coming until tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have two classes: Chemistry at 2:00 and Psychology at 3:30.  So it’s gonna be an easy day.  Today I picked up my books for my classes.  About $450.00! But it could have been more if I went to the University bookstore.  I went to another one.hehehe..CHEAPER!  But the guy there gave me an extra Calculus book, and didn’t give me one of the spanish ones. Good thing I don’t have those classes tomorrow…grrr…  Gonna have to go back and fix it.

Well, I don’t know what else to say…..


1. Anonymous - August 26, 2004

Re: to your comment on mine.
so is it bc they’re parents? or filipino parents? o_O yeah my books cost about that much…and mine are USED x_x you’re gonna be coming back on the weekends? i’m gonna be gone weekends haha T_T

2. innocentpinay20 - August 26, 2004

awww i misss you but how are the vcu boyssss?? hahah so is it tru dat ur dad is gonna come n pick u up every weekend hahah well u better b here for my 18th ..i think im havin a fam party 🙂

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