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August 21, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Well, moving in today went smoothly enough.  We managed to et everything in before the rain came. YAY!! But I didn’t get to meet my roommate before I left.  Oh well, just have to wait until Wednesday when I go back.  At least I left her phone to use.  It’s sorta sad since I didn’t leave a TV or a lamp w/ a bulb.  Apparently the lamp I brought didn’t come with a bulb…  But I got pretty much everything else set up.  The weirdest thing in the room is the “micro-fridge”… It’s so out of place, since it’s soo big.  There really isn’t a lot of room for it. 

I found it amuzing how VCU Housing kept sending me stuff to buy Extra-Long Twin Sheets.. Since it turns out that my bed isn’t even XL Twin.  It’s normal…hehehe…  Good thing I didn’t return the regular twin sheets that I got before.  I guess it’s better to have gotten longer sheets than short ones.

But anyways… My mom is really starting to get to me about living in the dorms.  She acts like I’ve never been away from the house before.  It’s not like I spent three weeks living out of a suitcase, traveling from hotel to hotel in a foriegn country for about 2 weeks and a half.  I guess it must be the whole “empty nest” thing that she’s going through.  Of course, my parents have thoroughly planned how to get me home every weekend.

So much for my college life…..



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