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August 18, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

Today I found that I do in fact have a roommate.  I was hoping that my room would stay a single; I probably should have called and requested that when I found out that my old roommate was moved.  Oh well, my parents told me not to call, since they thought that would increase the chance of me getting a roommate.  Funny how that worked out… Anyways, I still haven’t gotten info. on her from VCU in the mail.  Today I was frying some perogies for lunch and she called.  Well, I didn’t want to set a fire so i told her that I’d call her later.  Well, I called and no one is picking up.  So all I know is that her name is Sherri and based on her area code she lives in Virginia (perhaps in Richmond, or near UVA).  Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more contact with her……

These past few days have made me want to leave for college more than before.  The LACK OF PRIVACY is really starting to get to me!!  Especially now that I have this laptop, Ellen and dad seem to frequent by me more when I’m on. GRRRR . Really frusterating!!  Even though the family is starting to get to me, there will be those moments when I will miss them and being home.

Well, Ellen and Dad won’t go away right now, so I don’t feel like typing this anymore…..



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