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August 8, 2004

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HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY MARY!!! (I know you as Mary, not Em… hehe) I had a great time at your debut, and I loved your dress.  Sorta makes me wish I had a debut. Oh well… It’s not the party that matters, it’s the people you have around you.  

Solid and dependable is the name of the game for you.  You may like all of the perks of a fairytale life, but when it come down to it, you’d rather make your own way.  You are independent, responsible and have a good head on you shoulders.  You know that just because something has been planned in advance doesn’t make it less fun.  When your Prince arrives, he’ll have to wait until you’re good and ready for him!  You’ll recognize True Love when it shows, but you’re not about to sacrifice all the hard work you’ve put towards your dreams in the meantime.  Don’t worry, though.  He’ll wait.  You’re worth it!



Just finished watching the DVD.. I never saw the movie in the theater, but I really  liked the movie.  Julia Stiles’ charatcer Paige is what I’d hope to be something like.  Has ambitions and goes for what she wants.. Hey, she wanted to be a doctor just like ME!  (haha, time to get back to reality)



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