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August 6, 2004

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Today was an interesting day….

I woke up soo late! 12:00 NOON!!!  So I got up ate breakfast and took a shower and left the house at around 1:45 to goto Dr. Mugol’s office. When I got there I started bringing back patients, I hadn’t even put my keys away!  But after that it was pretty slow… Quite a few of his patients either didn’t show or showed up and cancelled.  I don’t understand why you’d show up then cancel, I mean they’re already there… So it was pretty easy, Craig also showed me how to do a strep test. 

Then got home around 5:00.  Checked the laptop again, and the wireless still wasn’t working.  Well, I talked to Andy on AIM and he had no idea what was going on.  He said that he’d take a look at it later.  Then I decided to try and reinstall the program.  Low and behold, I got it to work.  Quite amuzing actually.   So now all I have left to do is load Microsoft Office and I’m set.

I think last night it started to hit me that I would actually be leaving home and going off to college.  No Mom, Dad, or Ellen to help me out when I need it immediately.  I won’t have Ellen to complain and basically stress out to at VCU.   I’m sure I’ll handle it alright though.

Tomorrow is Mary’s Debut!!




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