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August 4, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

WOW!!! It’s about three weeks left until I’ve got to go off to school.  I’m just about finished with my college shopping, aside from the textooks and stuff.  As for my laptop, I have been making progress with the wireless card.  Yesturday I was able to get connected.  The catch was that it wasn’t on the network that we have set up in our house.  I think it was picking up the signal from one of the neighboors.  BUT… At least I know that the wireless card does work.  Right now I’m just using a LAN line hooked up to the router that we have.  It works for now, but I really want to get using the wireless.  My cousin Andy is supposed to be coming over today to help me out…..

Other than that nothing really exciting has happened.  This weekend I do have Mary’s debut, then next weekend I have Beth’s party, and then the week after that Jasmine and I are going to drop in on the marching band during the rookie camp.  Jasmine and I were thinking about getting a group together to do something afterwards, like see a movie, eat, maybe lasertag, etc.  If you wanna join us just let one of us know.  We were planning on going on the first day of rookie camp, Aug. 19th.

Well, I don’t want to use up my laptop battery, so…………



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