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August 2, 2004

Posted by graciegrapes in Uncategorized.

YAY!!! My new laptop came today!  It’s neato….  Aside from the fact that I can’t get the wireless card to connect with our router.  I had to steal the wireless card from the upstairs computer, and that’s what I’m using right now. Also… I think I want to get an actual mouse to use.  I thought that I’d be alright with the touch pad thing, but it’s starting to annoy me!

Today I went into Dr. Mugol’s office, not much to really do.  At one point, he had me looking for charts to add lab results to.  So now I can find all the charts when he needs them.  And then, the air conditioner wasn’t really working, so we had fans going on in all the rooms.  It was SWELTERING (sp?) HOT!!!  Then when I was going home it was raining cats and dogs.  On 28 there was an SUV that flipped over, and that made me nervous since I had my wipers on full and it was still hard to see the road.  And the roads were slightly flooded… LOTS of water…..

Back to my computer, does anyone know how I can set up the wireless card?  What’s not working is the WEP key that I have.  On our router it has 4 keys for the WEP, but the Dell Wireless card only has space for one key… Can someone help me out??


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