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July 17, 2004

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Hey ALL!!!

I’m back from Europe.  I had a great time, and spent a lot of money.  Never really realized how expensive London is.  No wonder my “cousins” waited to come to the states to buy some stuff.  So I spent my 18th b-day in London.  My cousins didn’t goto school so that we could hang out.  Apparently, my cousin Jennifer is NOT older than me (as we had thought).  So didn’t do any clubing.  We went ice skating, bowling, shopping, and then had dinner at the chinese buffet.  Nothing really fancy.  Paris was a blast also.  I was the one in the family who actually understood how to travel by the metro, so I was the “tour guide” and got us around the city.  Anyways, we got back this morning around 8:00, but we were supposed to be back last night around 8:00.  We flew on Air Canada, and they don’t have direct flights from the UK to DC, so we had to stop over and transfer in Ottawa.  Well, when we got to Ottawa it was 5:50 pm, and our connection started boarding at 6:20 (6:55 take-off).  We got stuck in the slow lines at the Candian Customs, then our bags were late coming off of the plane.  Then they sent us to the wrong desk for connections.  And by the time we made it to the US customs gate (which was closing) the flight had left.  We reached the US customs at 6:55.  So we spent the night in Ottawa International Airport and got onto the 6:15 am flight.  So quite a trip just to get back to the states.

I have sooo many pictures that I’m gonna upload from the trip… They’re gonna be at the yahoo picture thing (http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/gracia6900).

Well, I’m gonna get off now.  I’m really hungry….

Oh yeah, does anyone wanna go see Spiderman 2 sometime this week or next?



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